About Us

G'day and Welcome to Kid Skills! My name is Emily Nguyen and I'm an experienced Paediatric Occupational Therapist (OT) from Australia, currently practicing in Hong Kong.

I believe that one of the most important parts of the OT journey is when kids carry over skill development from therapy, to their natural environments, at home or school (it wouldn't be much help otherwise!). For many years I have been championing this, educating and supporting caregivers wherever I can to continue promoting their child's development at home. However, parents always tell me that they don't have access to the right sensory tools or relevant, high quality recommendations and on top of that, they already have busy schedules.

To bridge this gap between the therapy room and home, I made the leap and decided to tackle the problem head-on with Kid Skills Playbox! Our team strive to make it easier for parents to help promote their child's foundational skills, to save time and bring out their child's best. We curate and source high quality and affordable tools based on our team's experiences in the therapy room and provide the most effective evidence-based strategies/recommendations to solve this issue we see everyday.

That's not all! I wanted Kid Skills to be more! My younger brother is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I know very well the stress families may feel. Kid Skills aims to empower, educate and support caregivers by providing extra offerings including articles, freebies and Facebook support group. This is all provided free so that we can help you holistically. Sharing our knowledge will help you know enough about your child that you can help him or her with sensory challenges whenever and wherever they occur. I want you to feel self-assured and confident you know how to do the best that you can for your child.



"I want to make it easier for you to support your child to feel regulated and develop skills at home. As a therapist, it's important to turn over those 'magic moments' in therapy with the child to you. Those moments of joy when your child masters skills belongs to you, the wonderful caregivers!" - EMILY